Poultry Scratch (Wheat, Oats, Barley & Cracked Peas (48.5lbs)


Poultry Scratch (Wheat, Oats, Barley & Crack Corn (48.5lbs / 22Kg)

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Chicken scratch is a type of feed that consists of different types of seeds and grains that hens enjoy eating. Considered a snack birds will scratch around in the dirt to pick up every last bit, hence the name. Originated from early farmers, who would throw out their leftover grains and seeds for chickens to rummage through. Great to toss on deep litter bedding to encourage hen to toss bedding.

Available in 48.5lbs / 22Kg bags.


Whole Wheat, Whole Oats, Whole Barley and Cracked Peas

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Weight22 kg

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