Soy & Grain Free Cool-Care Horse Ration (22Kg)


Soy & Grain Free Cool-Care Horse Ration (22Kg)

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Soy-Free, Corn-Free & Grain-Fee! This is a Non-Hot Complete Horse Ration with low levels of sugar and starch. Suitable for horses with dietary or digestive limitations. Formulated on the Bio-stead Balance Plus+ system, including Diamond V Yeast, probiotics, balanced proteins, amino acids, and omega fatty acids. With advanced custom equine vitamin & mineral micros. Flexible low consumption rates for all stages of horses when fed with quality hay or pasture.

Whole Food Milled Feed

Available in 22 kg bags


Peas, Alfalfa meal, Sunflower meal, Canola Meal, Advanced Horse Micro Vitamin & Mineral Pack, Dicalcium Phosphate, Palm Fat, Mineral Salt, Amino Acid Pack, Canola Oil, Salt, Diamond V Yeast, Magnesium, Probiotic Pack, Garlic, Nutra-Mix (Detoxifier)


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